Alien symbols (language)

I have done some research into alien symbols and language and I chose a few images from the internet to talk about, we are to create our own language that humans will understand (in fictional movie) this could be simple things like ‘hello’ and ‘bye’, I plan to create a various amount of symbols which provide basic meanings of popular human literature.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 21.02.48

I like this top image because of it’s colour, not only does the language look alien like but the colours and general design gives it that terrestrial theme, instead of just creating a language I will also make the project a creative design piece, I will be creating something similar to this, to me this looks like some form of alphabet, but in my design I am going to create different words etc.Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 21.04.02

This is another alphabet type design I found, this is probably my least liked out of the two, the main reason is the fact that all of the symbols are very similar, theres not great difference between them which could create confusion and be harder to memorise because theres no distinct features within the language.



On this post I am going to explore some typography designs on pinterest to get some inspiration on my future design, I am hoping to create a lyric from a song and either place it over an image or just on a blank canvas.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 14.07.49

I like this design because of its modern, clean cut style mixed with a more hands on, gritty texture, the texture and shapes go well with the slab serif fonts, I also like the thin and thick font combination and the contrasting colours.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 14.08.24

This is probably the my least favourite of the four, i’m not to keen on the font used but I like the colours and layout, the way the lettering has a stroke on it to separate it from the text above it, but I can see that the stroke varies in size and this isn’t something I agree with, I’d prefer it to be more consistent.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.49.32

I like the way this letter has been designed, there are alot of different skills and techniques that have been implemented into this design, I also agree with the colour combinations, their very contrasting and the light green catches your eye. The textures and shadows are very creative, the designer has spent alot of time on this one letter and it has paid off.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 20.49.57

This is another design that I took an eye to, very simple but effective. I am assuming they took this photograph of the scenery during the month of October and they are presenting this with the typography, although this may look like a very simple design I have pointed out three things I like most about it; The dark tones behind the white font, the font itself, and the manipulated text which interacts with the environment.

Illustrated logo

On this post I will be presenting the logo that I designed and my thought process behind it, we were asked to create a logo for the company ‘design volunteers’, I created a few sketches and took my final sketch into illustrator.

This is what I came up with.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 13.34.04


Heres what I came up with, a lot of thought surrounding the subject went into this logo, when I think of volunteers I think of people raising their hand, so I illustrated roughly over and image of my hand an vectorised it in, I wanted the design to be colourful to give it that happy, helpful vibe.

I also created a few different ideas because I didn’t know wether they would prefer just the initials or brand name.

Logo design

On this post I will be taking you through the thoughts and sketches I came up with when designing a logo for design volunteers.

It all began with a few sketches and mind maps, whenever I design a logo I always write down the brand/subject name, this gives me the chance to create sketches whilst keeping the name in mind, which helps me think of new ideas.

Here are the sketches I came up with.


Here are the sketches I came up with, When designing a logo I always go through a thought process in which I think of all things related to the subject I’m designing for, in this example I used the words design and volunteer to think of as many relatable items as I could.

Thoughts – 

  • hands
  • people
  • tools of design
  • respect
  • hands interacting
  • people interacting
  • colourful, happy design

So I came up with a final sketch I wanted to work more on and took it into illustrator.



End of year brief

Logo design – 

On this project we were asked to create a logo for ‘design volunteers’ we are going to be given two hours to produce sketches and a final piece, the winner of this project will be chosen in a vote when everyones logos have been printed.

Alien symbols – 

In this project we are to create a language through symbols in which aliens communicate to humans (in fictional) movie, this would include research into a lot of different symbol types and extra terrestrial language.

Typography piece – 

In this project we are to create a typography piece in any shape or form, this will be an interesting project to test our typography skills.

All of these 3 projects are linked into one brief.


Typography in magazines

I have decided to research typography in magazine spreads, here are a couple designs I found.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.00.19

I like the contrasting colours in this design, I also like how they have put the word along the bottom of the spread, this draws your attention to the main lettering and it’s worked for me, the san serif font used is very light and I dont think it adds to much weight to the page.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.00.22

I think this design is very interesting, I like the fonts used and typography on the first page, it doesnt ruin the legibility of text because they have used very contrasting colours, although I would disagree with the text clash on the second page, although you can read it i think it makes the white text slightly hard to see.

Screen Shot 2017-05-22 at 23.00.25

This is probably my favourite out of the three, the word runaway gets smaller and smaller which plays with the meaning of the word itself, as it goes further along the page it gets smaller which refers to what would happen from your eyesight if something were to runaway. I also like the contrasting colours, these colours seem to be in trend and they go very well together.

Bad design

Here are a couple of bad design examples I chose from the internet.

There are a few things I dislike about these spreads, the colours, layouts and fonts used don’t compliment eachother and it just looks like a mess, it’s either over cramped or to much empty space there is no inbetween. The paragraphs are very unorganised not to mention the subheaders which are barely readable due to colour clash, I think it’s a good idea to view bad designs to know what not to do.

Good design

Here are a couple of good design examples I found on google.

I chose these spreads because they focus mainly on the subject and less on the spread itself, the way they contrast colours and manipulate the text to evolve around the singers creates an effect that makes you focus on the subject. These are very good examples of design mainly because of the techniques used and layout.

The colours on the rita ora spread work very well, the designer has gave the spread an urban theme which could help direct the spread to an audience of teens which they can relate to because its within current trend.

Magazine research

Here are a couple of neat magazine spreads I took a look at on the internet.

These magazines are mainly typography based, the contrasting colours they use for their type makes it stand out most amongst the other aspects of the spread. I think this is a good technique used in other spreads I have seen and it gives a clear understanding of what the designer wants you to pay most attention to.

I also like the allignment of the spreads and where they have placed the imagery/text. These are very neat examples that I have chosen and I think this is a good example of typography being very minimal in design.

Exploring my chosen environment

Kos, one of the greek islands, this is where I plan to take my images for my double page spread, this is my first time abroad and this is a perfect opportunity for me to grab some unique images of a beautiful environment, I want to research Kos before I go abroad and  investigate into the hidden treasures or historic locations they may have to offer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 22.42.55

This is a map of the island Kos, as you can see they have a ‘legend’ which displays the icons and their meanings, the icon displayed as ‘archaelogical site’ sounds interesting, I will be printing this map off and taking it with me, just from looking at this map I know there will be many opportunities for some great pictures to be taken, I will also visit the villages they have there as I want to capture an urban theme to the double page spread.