Logo design

On this post I will be taking you through the thoughts and sketches I came up with when designing a logo for design volunteers.

It all began with a few sketches and mind maps, whenever I design a logo I always write down the brand/subject name, this gives me the chance to create sketches whilst keeping the name in mind, which helps me think of new ideas.

Here are the sketches I came up with.


Here are the sketches I came up with, When designing a logo I always go through a thought process in which I think of all things related to the subject I’m designing for, in this example I used the words design and volunteer to think of as many relatable items as I could.

Thoughts – 

  • hands
  • people
  • tools of design
  • respect
  • hands interacting
  • people interacting
  • colourful, happy design

So I came up with a final sketch I wanted to work more on and took it into illustrator.



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