Alien symbols (language)

I have done some research into alien symbols and language and I chose a few images from the internet to talk about, we are to create our own language that humans will understand (in fictional movie) this could be simple things like ‘hello’ and ‘bye’, I plan to create a various amount of symbols which provide basic meanings of popular human literature.

Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 21.02.48

I like this top image because of it’s colour, not only does the language look alien like but the colours and general design gives it that terrestrial theme, instead of just creating a language I will also make the project a creative design piece, I will be creating something similar to this, to me this looks like some form of alphabet, but in my design I am going to create different words etc.Screen Shot 2017-05-30 at 21.04.02

This is another alphabet type design I found, this is probably my least liked out of the two, the main reason is the fact that all of the symbols are very similar, theres not great difference between them which could create confusion and be harder to memorise because theres no distinct features within the language.


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