Exploring my chosen environment

Kos, one of the greek islands, this is where I plan to take my images for my double page spread, this is my first time abroad and this is a perfect opportunity for me to grab some unique images of a beautiful environment, I want to research Kos before I go abroad and  investigate into the hidden treasures or historic locations they may have to offer.

Screen Shot 2017-04-26 at 22.42.55

This is a map of the island Kos, as you can see they have a ‘legend’ which displays the icons and their meanings, the icon displayed as ‘archaelogical site’ sounds interesting, I will be printing this map off and taking it with me, just from looking at this map I know there will be many opportunities for some great pictures to be taken, I will also visit the villages they have there as I want to capture an urban theme to the double page spread.


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