Lightmaker visit

We had a very interesting visit from lightmaker, a design studio with various clients based in tunbridge wells with studios elsewhere, this visit was actually very enjoyable for myself and I think I learned alot from it.

To begin with the designers began to explain who they are and who they work for, then they went on to talk about web design and what they have created for a certain client, in this case it was a very reputable game designers, the game they were designing for was World Of Tanks, this is a game i’ve seen myself on various occasions and is played worldwide by millions of people, so by designing something that millions of people will see must add alot of pressure for the designers.

I was enjoying this detailed introduction as web design is something I want to get into, the guy began showing us these websites he created and explained to us how he wanted to divide the class into groups and give us the task of creating a sketch of a website emphasising the fact you can play this game for free.

So he divided us into groups and we began sketching, after a while we came up with this portrait website which in theory animated its way down the page containing alot of colourful illustration and moving elements.

This is what me and my team come up with, I actually enjoyed this task alot and it worked on my teamwork skills pretty well, I would of loved to give this website a crack at designing and i think we should do more tasks like this.


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