Symbols, Icons and index in Hip-Hop

There is a theory that a sign has three different components, they are useful to know and study as they can be incorporated into someones work for detailed analysis. I chose these three pictures to analyse.



These three images are very similar to each other, Hip Hop is a very sociable culture and evolves a lot around gangs and groups of specific people.


The symbols in these photos are all very similar, the clothes they wear represents that they are some form of gang/culture, the caps and beanies also maybe signify that they don’t want to reveal their identity, this could also give off the message that they do not want to be approached. Other symbols like the gold chains and jewellery may signify that they are rich.


The icon is the image itself, a representation of a group, people and what they are doing (break dancing, posing and taking a group photo)


The index of these images are the fact the images are black and white, this may be signifying the age of the images.

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