The origins of HipHop

Hip Hop is a subcultural art movement that emerged during the early 1970s mainly emphasised by African-American youths living in the South Bronx in New York City. The musical genre is mainly characterised by four or more distinct elements in it’s culture: MC’ing, graffiti art, money, and knowledge.

Hip hop began, as many popular music genres do, as “the dominant rebel yell of youth culture in New York City”. Today there are many sub-genres however, rap began as party music in New York City mainly in the African American neighbourhoods, providing soundtracks to illicit club and street parties. DJs used their surroundings, history and stories to produce entertainment. Early rap in New York was influenced by disco culture and recordings.


The Sugarhill Gang’s single “Rapper’s Delight” was rap’s first emergence into the mainstream market. “Rapper’s Delight” was released in October 1979 and made it to Billboards top 40, at number 36.

HipHop hasn’t changed much to this day, the people who involve themselves with this culture still have the same characteristics and ambitions, the movement as a whole has grown in reputation hugely since it was first recognised and I believe it will live for a very long time.


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