Magazine layout – colour & negative space

In this post I will talk about some layouts I have found on google which show good examples of colour and negative spaced used in the design.


I find this double page spread very interesting, the angles and dimensions in which they have used to incorporate the photo is very engaging, there is a few good examples of negative space in this spread and I will highlight this below, I also think the theme of three colours used is pretty effective, it goes with the image and ties in with the theme of gothic culture etc. I think the designer of this spread has chosen his colours wisely and shown good understanding of layering, composition and colour in this piece.


The only thing I would change about this is the cluttered text at the bottom left, I think dividing this into two paragraphs would make the text more approachable. But as an overall outcome I think the theme and character used in the spread ties in well with the culture and image in the background, everything in this spread compliments each other and has been used in an effort to reflect the culture.



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