Subcultures – VTS

The visual thinking strategy, something we used to identify symbols in pictures that represent that a  group of people (a person) is from a certain subculture/group, we had a few images and scanned them for different signifiers which may have represented which subculture their based in. I’m going to use the same exercise but put it into an image thats based around my subculture that i’m choosing.

hip hop.jpgThis is the image I’m using, based in the era of early hip hop, there are a few signifiers that imply this is a group based in the subculture of hip hop and I will highlight them below.   Screen Shot 2016-12-06 at 11.38.06.png

Here are a few parts of the image that i’ve highlighted, the reason I’ve highlighted these parts are because they stand out for me and scream hip hop the most, the guys you see on the left are hooded up and seem pretty shady, these guys make the scene seem like a music video, in hip hop music you always have background people to make up numbers, or they could just be your friends/brothers.

I also highlighted a few other people around the centre of the image because their all dressed similar, this is the main signifier that represents their in some kind of gang/crew, a big signifier from the hip hop genre is the fact their all very close to each other, most rappers come from ghettos and run down areas, this is where they form arch nemesis or brothers with close bonds, this is what brings hip hop together and makes it such a genuine and dedicated genre in music.





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