Zine evaluation

My zine was successful and met the requirements of the brief in a few ways, The typography I included in my zine met the requirements of the brief as I used a variety of techniques like negative space, positive space and cutouts/stencils etc, I also followed the brief and visually communicated my own made imagery (photocopies) of fruit and objects that I had brought, this was conveyed in a very colourful way.

My zine failed to meet the brief in the way that I didn’t entirely sell myself as a designer, typographer, I didn’t include as much type examples as I wish I did.

The colour and vibrance of my zine is the strongest aspect of the whole design, from the first page to last your constantly seeing bright, colourful images which can be interesting to all ages which is another great aspect, my audience is anyone ranging from when you can read to when you cant.

The weaknesses of my visual communication is that I should have included more information on the fruit in my images, maybe the viewers hoped to find out something about the images but ended up leaving with different information.

My zine could be improved in several ways, first of all and most importantly it could be developed and improved by not rushing as much, some of the letter I cut out weren’t 100% accurate as I didn’t take as much time as I should have, I would also like to go back and take different photocopies using different coloured paper behind each fruit experimenting with colours to see what works well or what could work better than what I have originally created. Lastly I would love to go back and make a larger zine, maybe digitally to release its true potential as a subject matter, there is so much more information to be included but I simply didn’t have enough space.

My time keeping when it come to research could have been more flexible, I didn’t give myself a lot of time for planning, that’s something I regret because after researching after I finished my zine I found some cool ideas I could take inspiration from and make better.

I didn’t follow the brief as well as I could have and I believe I could have sold myself better as a designer in the zine if I had the chance to view the brief but unfortunately I could not get hold of it.

My research could have been more thorough as I only looked at a small portion of zines made by other designers.

I enjoyed creating the whole zine, going from cutting bits out to sticking stuff in and gathering materials I enjoyed the whole process of this project and wish we could re-visit this brief but make the zine using digital methods instead.

I didn’t enjoy research as much as the real thing, we were asked to create a zine by hand using nothing electrical, but all I could find when it come to research were zines made using adobe software etc, this didn’t give me a great deal of inspiration.

I think I could have spent more time on the important information about health and fruit but I mainly focused on the creativity side of things.

Overall I think the project was successful although there are so many things I would like to go back and improve to fully meet the requirements of the brief.

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