Zines on the web

Before creating my zine I thought it would be a good idea to research on some current zines made out in the world of design, clearly a lot of them were made by using the computer but it was interesting to gather some knowledge on how they are presented and what works with what doesn’t, I took some inspirations on colours and themes and thought of the idea to base my zine on fruit/health. Here are a few examples I found interesting on the internet.

here are a few interesting examples of zines I found on the web, some interesting use of illustration, it seems to be an ongoing trend when it comes to zines, some of these examples are really simple but so effective, I feel like the small space of a zine can be used to your advantage by creating such simple/little designs which can pay off in a good way.

Im glad I looked into zines made by other designers and I will definitely take into consideration that simple/minimalistic designs can work very well when your working on a small space like a zine.


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