Zine research

Before I began creating my zine I done some research, after a long process of deciding what I wanted to do I finally came up with the idea of creating a short magazine on the benefits of fruit and how it can increase the quality of your health.

For this zine I wanted to focus on things like vitamins and fruits etc as I knew that there are many ways to make yourself healthy physically and mentally but certain vitamins can do both, when I came up with the idea on what I wanted to place my zine on I had to think  of the vital information that I would include, the zine was to be 8 small pages so I needed to make sure that I included the most important bits, for this matter I decided to research into what vitamins give off the most benefits when consumed, it turned out that vitamin D and C are very common and in fact two of the most important vitamins your body can consume. As my zine is based on health I was adamant I wanted to include a page on the two of them.

After my research on fruit and vitamins it was finally time to start sketching up some ideas of page layout and what i’d include on each page.


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