Zine planning

When it come to the stage of planning my zine I thought about all different aspects, colour, organisation, typography and imagery. I wanted to include all of these aspects in the most effective way possible leaving space for important information on health etc.

I decided to sketch some ideas on paper to see what it would roughly look like, after a few attempts I come up with a final idea (sketched) of what my layout/pages will consist of.

As you can see I’ve sketched all of the 8 pages and what I wanted to include in them, I thought about what materials i’d need and how I would use them, i wanted to be pretty creative but not over the top so I went out to gather some materials/objects that I would need for this project.


Now that I had gathered my materials it was time to think of ways I could put these into my zine, the only way the brief allowed me to was by photocopying them, I had to lie each different fruit down flat onto the photocopier and print them out, some of these worked pretty well which I then chose to use on my actual zine.

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