Zine outcome

The outcome of my zine turned out pretty well, I tried not to rush it because there was a lot of cuts etc which took a lot of time, but eventually it was finished, here is the outcome of my 8 pages before the information was written into it.

This was nearly the final outcome, the information hasn’t yet been added at this point but you can see the whole idea, as you can see I decided to make stencils/cutouts when it come to some of the type in my zine, previously in class we looked at negative/positive space in type, I took my knowledge from that and imported into my zine, using negative space in almost every page.

Another aspect of my zine that worked well would be the colours I used, when I decided that I would base my zine on health and fruit I knew I needed it to be colourful and vibrant,  this plan was very successful as you can see, every page is packed with vibrant colours which also relate to different fruits in some cases.

I thought to myself how I could interact with the reader through my zine, and that’s when I come up with the idea of pull up tabs, as you can see above I have interactive paper in which the reader can play with and reveal more information about the subject matter.

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