Type Tour poster explanation

During the process of creating my Bexhill poster there were a few decisions I made which changed the entire look of the design, using photoshop to manipulate the photograph and change main aspects of the image made the design more unique.

This is one example of an edit I made in photoshop, This is one of the main aspects of this image that really changed the whole design, the reason I made this decision was simply because I wanted to give off an arty effect, I ended up with a sky that looked like it had been dip-dyed/painted, this outcome was perfect, the bexhill exhibition was about art and this edit promotes that perfectly. It also brightened the sky up and made it stand out a lot more which is beneficial for the posters advertisement.

This is another edit I made to the image, the brief of this project was to promote typography, it turned out that in this image the L on Bexhill stood in front of the only evidence of type on the image, so I then decided to manipulate the image so the ‘L’ stood behind the type, this was a nice addition to the poster and made the image feel more interactive with its viewer, this is definitely one of the main changes I made to this image.

screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-11-59The last edit is simple but effective, when it come to providing information of the website etc I wanted to place it at the bottom of the image, using white type straight on top of the image didn’t stand out, it got lost with the image and wasn’t completely legible, therefore I decided to place a transparent box behind the type with the colour black to make the text more legible, the transparency\low opacity helps prevent a chunk of the base image from being lost.


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