Type Tour Poster Evaluation

The way I met the needs of the brief in my design shows in a variety of ways, making sure the typography stands out in the image and doesn’t get lost behind the type I put onto it, also designing/manipulating the poster showing my attention to type.

The most vital way in which my final piece failed is due to lack of equipment, I didn’t have the best tools for the job therefore I had to use my android camera on my phone to take imagery, as a result my final poster printed pixelated, which doesn’t look as professional as I would have liked.

The strengths in visual communication has to come down to how large I made my text, I made it this size because I wanted the poster to stand out, another reason is because the type is white, I didn’t want this getting lost in the image.

The weakness of my visual communication might come down to the type being white, from afar this may not be visually legible until you move closer to the poster.

I would love to go back to the beginning of this project and take some decent images with a high quality camera, that was my biggest downfall of the image/poster and may let me down, compositionally the image is good so all I would like to do is improve the quality of camera.

My time keeping during this project didn’t go too bad, I made sure I done all my research and considered my target audience before finalising my poster.The brief didn’t seem to clear to me at first but after I physically took the trip to Bexhill and started mock up designs I started getting some ideas.

I could have researched in more depth but after some thinking I had a good idea of who I wanted my target audience to be etc.After experimenting with a variety of different effects on photoshop I come to a final design, changing the colour and darkness of the image gave it more quality/colour which provided the design with life instead of being a dull, boring image.

I enjoyed manipulating the image in photoshop, making a bad image look great, when I look at the comparison my new photoshopped image looks a lot better than the original and really stands out.I didn’t enjoy choosing which photo to use, although I used correct composition the images were such low quality it just really let my design down.


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