Type Tour poster audience

The audience is one of the main things I thought about when creating the poster, I thought about location/theme and message when I designed the poster, all of these aspects come together and create a design that lures a certain audiences attention.

The audience I aimed to attract is someone who enjoys typography and art, this is the obvious audience but due to the location it would be placed I thought the audience I chose would be a great choice, I would like the poster to be placed somewhere near the exhibition /gallery we visited because that’s where most of my audience will be passing by, this will give the poster a better chance of being recognised.

On a previous post I noted the most important changes I made to the image in my poster and most of these decisions were made to attract arty people.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-10-11-15This is the most important part of the image to attract my chosen audience, I made the sky look as if it were painted/dip-dyed, this will obviously attract my chosen audience as it provides an artistic side to the image instead of a plain, dull background.


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