Peter Blake research

On our trip to Bexhill there was an exhibition in place based on Peter Blake, a very abstract typographer making alphabets from day to day items/objects whilst also illustrating them. There were a few of his alphabets on display at the exhibition so I took some photographs.


This one we have here seems to be made out of some kind of wood, maybe oak. This is a good example of the way he creates some of his alphabets, some are with artistic materials like paint, crayon etc. whereas this is a more unique/experimental way of creating an alphabet. What I like most about this specific alphabet is the straight and sharp edges, the san serif style goes well with this.

imag1264Here are a few of his abstract alphabets, these are more unique and something in the style that you may have not seen before, I may make my own response to these alphabets and create one that’s inspired by his style, I find it interesting how every letter of the alphabet is designed in a different style/colour and size, this really makes the alphabet stand out to the ordinary designs.

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