Trip to Bexhill

After preparing for the Bexhill trip by exploring Tunbridge for type it was time to go Bexhill, the area was a lot bigger and more unique than Tunbridge with some interesting historical type, I found a few very good examples and pictures to potentially use on my poster and I was happy with the result, There were also a few stores/pubs with interesting designs of typography.

One of the owners of a small bar saw us photographing type outside his shop so he decided to let us in to capture more organic/decorative designs.


Whilst we was there I also found a few locations that had pretty interesting type, I tried to get some good angles so I could potentially use it in my type tour poster.



This is an image I took of a sailing club on the coast of Bexhill, I actually ended up using this image to create my poster with, there was an interesting historical aspect to this building and the boats etc surrounding it, I think this may be one of the oldest/main buildings Bexhill has to offer.

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