Bexhill Type Tour Poster & Experimentation

The images displayed are mock ups and edits of potential posters, As I only had a phone to take photos with I thought i’d put my own twist on the images using photoshop, I managed to increase the quality of some images and others I just brightened/coloured to make them more vibrant/artistic.

Here I will show a few examples of the before and after edits.

This is the image I decided to use (left) you can see that it’s been improved from the original using photoshop, there were several different methods I used to enhance this photo without ruining it, the simple tools I used were things like adjusting the contrast, levels etc to highlight certain areas and make shadows darker. The part I enjoyed most about this process was highlighting the sky individually and playing with the colours and general vibrance, I ended up with this colourful blue sky to finish the image, I also added some grain to the sky to give it that paintbrush/dip-dye look. After the editing process was over I then proceeded to add the type, I went for a pretty large size asI wanted it to stand out, after adding type I realised the letter ‘L’ at the end of Bexhill overlapped the type on the image, so I also edited that so it overlapped my type, which also emphasises the typography on the image, this was important because that’s what were advertising on this poster.


As a final result I was happy with the outcome and vibrance of the image.

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