Tonbridge Type Tour

In preparation for the Bexhill type tour we took a trip down to Tonbridge high street to find some typography, we were set a task in which we had to explore Tonbridge and photograph any type we found on the journey, there were a few examples that stood out which I will display below, Tonbridge has a huge historical background which in some cases led to interesting typography scattered around the town with erosion and cracks to prove its age.



this was one of the first examples I found, embossed type outside of a church, it’s not often you see this type of art in the modern era we live in therefore it was good to see some type with this style.As we travelled deeper into the town there were several examples of street typography on shopfronts, restaurants etc.


I found this stencil on a fuse box, this is the more unique and urban side to typography you don’t see much in modern towns so I recorded this image too.




This is also another historical piece of typography found outside the Tonbridge Lions Club, the reason I took this photograph is simply because I like the colours, back in the day black and gold were very popular especially when Art Deco was in fashion, this reminds me a lot of Art Deco from shape to colour.

Taking a tour around Tonbridge helped me to prepare for the Bexhill type tour, I now know what I should look for and where I should look because behind what you see on the highstreet can interesting.

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