Shoe Tower


The shoe tower was a short task which involved creating a tower out of shoes making it as elegant and tall as possible. We were all assigned into groups in which we were to put the shoes we brought onto the table and begin building.

This task involved a lot of team talk and preparation before going ahead and building the tower, during this exercise the three of us combined different aspects of our ideas which collided to make a pretty sturdy, elegant tower.

This was the end result, there wasn’t a lot of shoes to work with so we added some elegance at the top of the shoe tower instead of aiming to have the highest, I walked away from this exercise learning that it’s great to share ideas with the group your working with because each person will come up with a different idea which could potentially work well with one you come up with yourself. In our group this method worked very well and we were pleased with the end result, combining strong support with elegance proved to work in this task.

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