-Prevent Task-

Prevent, a movement/campaign created by the government to help prevent people from being radicalised, the campaign aims to stop the damage before it begins. Radicalisation can happen to anyone no matter their ethnicity or background, age or gender, some cases are larger than others but this movement is aimed to help those who don’t have someone they can turn to for help.

We were assigned with the task to group up into pairs/threes and come up with some form of poster/design which could encourage people who are being radicalised to seek help or for others to report unusual behaviour etc.

After watching a video and studying what radicalisation is we had to come up with some ideas to help prevent this from happening, in my group of three we came up with a short film idea potentially created in stop motion which is aimed at people who isolate themselves.imag1304

We came up with the idea of a quick stop motion film targeted mostly at individuals who isolate themselves making them more vulnerable to radicalisation, the film begins with a single ice cube in the darkness melting away isolated from anything/anyone else, we fade into the message ‘with the correct support we can prevent radicalisation’ we then fade into the scene where a group of friendly ice cubes surround the singular cube and build him back up with reverse time-lapse showing the ice cube reform into its full size, this is only a quick idea which we have created story boards etc for.


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